My Article Read (7-6-2013) (7-7-2013)


  1. The Children of Today will Save America of the Future

  2. SpecOps Colonel George Bristol – Benghazi: Bristol ‘Not Found’ – AFRICOM Officer Missing in Retirement: Saw Islamic Militants as “Evil” in Africa

  3. Lamar Alexander Calls In ‘Wacko Bird’ to Save His Seat

  4. Russian Troops On American Soil

  5. Obama Will Make Blacks Vote Republican

  6. Cairo newspaper sends personal message to Obama

  7. Boeing 777 Crashes while Landing at San Francisco International Airport

  8. Robin McMillan: “I Saw Five Wagons of Revival”

  9. Roy Harthern Passes Away, Leaves Strong Legacy

  10. Pastor of Largest Pentecostal church in Iran “conditionally released” from Iranian Prison

  11. Video shows men attacking street preacher at Pridefest

  12. Student ordered to remove cross necklace at California college right next to Santa Rosa.

  13. Missing Marine Colonel key to understanding truth behind Benghazi terror attack.

  14. Youth Group Students Cover Satanist Graffiti With Artwork Expressing Their Faith

  15. Happy Weekend…

  16. Rewiring of the Mind – to Realize the SKY IS THE LIMIT

  17. Pope Francis’ first encyclical on faith reiterates that marriage can only be between one man and one woman

  18. That brown paper bag book for teenagers that everyone’s talking about

  19. Obama Funding Radical Islam Through Egypt


  21. Obama on 4th of July: ‘‘I can’t believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap!’’

  22. EGYPT: Reports say at least 40 pro-Morsi supporters have been injured and between 12 – 30 killed by the Egyptian Army in post-coup clashes

  23. “Impeach Obama” Protesters Threatened In California

  24. Muslim Jihadists Nigeria: 29 Children Set Afire – Boko Haram Responsible – Children Shot in Back: Government Secondary School in Yobe

  25. DUI checkpoint video goes viral, but there’s a twist

  26. Bada-bing: Death tax to take obscene amount of Gandolfini’s estate

  27. Never Aired Apprentice Segment With Trump Firing Obama

  28. Boeing Black Boxes Recovered -Two 16-Year-Old Chinese Students Dead, 182 Injured in SF Asiana Airlines Crash

  29. Sunday Worship Music – ‘Believe’ by Ronnie Dunn, Brooks and Dunn Live Performance

  30. Godly Discontent

  31. An invitation to walk in the Fullness of Sonship by Jeffrey Stewart

  32. Behold, a Radical Shift Cometh Forth….

  33. Will You Let ME In?

  34. John Kerry Relaxes On Yacht During International Crisis – Then Lies About It…

  35. Immigration Bill Update – White House Panics As Paul Ryan “Goes Silent”

  36. Mr. Obama, I really don’t want to be a terrorist

  37. Obama ducks criticism of his support of Muslim Brotherhood Morsi with lies

  38. The Political Christian – John Garfield

  39. Islamic Progress

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