Good Samaritans And Blessings


I don’t know what brought this memory on today. I wasn’t doing anything to remind me of when I five years old and in first grade. There was no red Volkswagen Bug around. I didn’t see a pink and white check dress that reminded me of my favorite dress at five years old. I wasn’t crossing the street in between cars. The memory just came.

I was five years old. I was wearing my favorite pink and white check dress. On this day in my memory, my mom sent me to the store for a loaf of bread. I was pretty responsible for a five year old. I knew to look both ways before crossing a street. I knew not to jay walk in between cars. I didn’t do either on the way to the mom and pop store to get the loaf of bread.

I had the loaf bread with me when I decided to walk between two park cars to cross the street to get home. What could happen? The next thing I knew boom and I was seeing black. I don’t know how I did it but I crawled back to the curve and I was still seeing black. I sat on the curve.

I didn’t hear the store owner come out of the store. I did recognize his voice. He asked me if I was okay. I don’t remember what I said but I got an RC Cola out it. Free of charge.

After a few minutes blackness went from my eyes. I looked at my dress. It was tore. I was upset about it. My thoughts I wouldn’t be able to wear my favorite dress again.

I don’t remember too much after that but my Dad remembered me raising fuss. I wasn’t going to go with the ambulance people. They were strangers. No matter how hard they tried to talk me into going with the ambulance people. I wasn’t going. The policemen at the scene offered to take me but I didn’t want to go for the same reason. A compromise was reached. Dad would go with me with the policemen to the hospital. I do remember Daddy holding me in the police car as we headed to the hospital.

Mom told me she didn’t recalled the person name who came to house and told Dad and her I got hit by the car. We didn’t have phone. I don’t recall but I most of told this person where I lived or someone, who knew my family said something.

I don’t recall the emergency room but my Mom did. The doctor told Mom all I had was small scraps and bruises. He also said that me getting hit by the car was blessing in disguise because I had walking pneumonia. Mom and Dad probably would of never known I had walking pneumonia until it was to late if I hadn’t got hit by the car. Mom considered the car hit a blessing.

I didn’t like spending a week in the hospital. I didn’t like the shots in the butt either. It was hard to sit down after, lol.

When I think about it now, I smile, thinking of the Good Samaritans that helped us during the accident. I can laugh at how I acted. I also think someone got the blessing of the loaf of bread. Nobody remembers what happened to the loaf of bread I was carrying. Yes, I thank God for the blessings back then.

Just in case your wondering how I remember the red Volkswagen bug hitting me, I didn’t Mom and Dad told me. The person driving the bug car was there talking to the police. Mom says she was grateful it wasn’t bigger car. Mom thinks if the car was bigger I could of been hurt worse.

This memory also makes me think we all should be good Samaritans and blessing to others. Don’t you think so?

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