My Article Read (11-14-2012)

  1. The Party’s Over

  2. Turkey’s Islamist Turn, 10 Years Later

  3. Video: Is The USA Breaking Up?

  4. Video: Time To Consider Divorce/Separation From America?

  5. Spiritual Break thru for Obama — Shirley Carter

  6. Supervisors Honored

  7. The Unchanging Church

  8. Don’t Look to the Political Climate – A People Movement is Coming

  9. Tuesday night November 13, 2012 Chanute Kansas is engulfed in raging flames of revival.

  10. Isaiah 53…

  11. The Puzzle

  12. First Order Of Business?

  13. Do I WHAT???

  14. Daily Read – November 14

  15. General Petraeus To Testify Before Congress On Benghazi Massacre

  16. While you’re being distracted by Peyton Place on the Potomac…..

  17. John McCain Goes Off on Lib Reporter: “That Is One of the Dumbest Questions I’ve Ever Heard!” (Video)

  18. Who Should Be The Next Speaker?

  19. What Kind Of Head Trip Is Broadwell Sending?

  20. Dear Republican Establishment: a letter from the conservative grassroots

  21. Fighting Words

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