My List Of Articles I Read On March 3, 2012


  1. White House Memo Shows Obama Considering Raising Taxes On Middle-Class If He Wins Second Term…

  2. Iranian Nuke City Isfahan Complains of Rash of Exotic Diseases Affecting Plants and Children

  3. Obama, Israel, and Iran

  4. Going Too Far in a Good Cause

  5. Please Tweet for Youcef

  6. Flashback Video- Obama in 2004- I was focused on revolution while in college

  7. Video of Destruction Left Behind by Tornado that Struck New Pekin, Indiana (video)

  8. Flashback- In 2009, Mitt Romney op-ed in USA Today urged President Obama to embrace individual mandate

  9. Chart of the Day- UAH global temperature anomaly – still below the zero line

  10. 15% of the U.S. population is now on food stamps

  11. Green Fail- GM halts Volt production due to low sales

  12. Autopsy conducted on conservative activist Breitbart

  13. Media Matters Uses Hitler-Like Tactics

  14. The War For America Has Begun  (Wall Street Insider Related)

  15. Netanyahu vs Obama – Who Would You Trust To Lead A Nation-

  16. Everyone’s Time Runs Out

  17. Pic Of The Day

  18. Who gives a damn what liberals “deem racist”-

  19. Free Speech Attacked In Australia

  20. ‘Deadly Storms Rock Towns Across Heartland’

  21. ‘Obama Harvard Tapes Will Be Out ‘In A Week Or Two’

  22. I don’t think John Wayne would have been impressed

  23. New Emergency Number-

  24. A concept of sheer brilliance in reducing the cost of health care

  25. Ungrateful scum

  26. Baby Girl Found in Indiana Field 10 Miles From Parent’s Home After Tornado

  27. Oh, Give It a Rest… Obama Compares Himself to Gandhi (Video)

  28. Good Grief… Romney Urged Obama to Embrace Individual Mandate in Obamacare

  29. Let the Cato Institute remain Cato

  30. Some Unsolicited Advice for the Catholic Church and All Christian Clergy

  31. Sarah Palin Talks to Fox News Weekend Live

  32. TSA At It Again

  33. Eez Not My Yob

  34. Daily Read – March 3

  35. Newt Gingrich- Islam – What If We Had Excused Communism in 1946- Obama Slogan 2012-Why We Couldn’t

  36. Pat Buchanan Quote of the Day- Obama So Low in Polls…  laughthumb

  37. Former Gitmo Detainee Outraged American Soldiers Fed Him Cornflakes And Yogurt…d'oh

  38. Occupy Phoenix Goes Full Stalinist- Let’s Send CEOs To Hard Labor Camps…  fiery4

  39. Denmark Charges Four Islamists Over Terror Plot To Attack Newspaper Behind Mohammed Cartoons…

  40. ThinkProgress Blames Rush Limbaugh For GM’s Decision To Halt Chevy Volt Production…

  41. Above the Law- Democratic DC Councilwoman Let Off With Warning After Doing 105 MPH

  42. Why Can’t the Obama Administration Make Its Case Without Disseminating Hate- Power Line

  43. Sebelius- Fewer Babies Born Will Save Health Care Costs

  44. When I say, I am a Christian

  45. Reality  – Depends from WHICH SIDE you are Seeing

  46. Let the robocall retractions and apologies begin…

  47. Leave it to the Germans to make Portlandia Real

  48.  Multiplied in Tithing!

  49. Who Would Want Breitbart Dead-

  50. Why Are We Protecting the Borders of Other Countries When We Can’t Protect Our Own-

  51. True Detective Stories

  52. Philly Cop Shooter Granted Parole

  53. Nepotism, Corruption, What’s The Difference-

  54. Weekend Caption Contest

  55. Blessing the Wine- An ancient Jewish tradition sheds light on Jesus’ last supper

  56. Something for all you (us) Breitbart Fans

  57. Marine One

  58. “Hating Breitbart” Movie Excerpt- “The New Media Is Taking Over”

  59. Breitbart is here

  60. How much TV do you watch-

  61. Friday Funnies  laughthumb

  62. Did Michelle Obama Really Request Inactive Status in her Law Practice-

  63. Religion and the 2012 Elections

  64. Cartoon Round Up  laughthumb

  65. Barry takes a page from Herman Cain’s playbook  laughthumb

  66. NOW President- Bishops assault on women’s rights will kill women

  67. Throwing down the gauntlet

  68. Gaming

  69. + John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony +

  70. My Turn to Apologize

  71. 10 Signs Obama is Panicking

  72. Image of the Day- Young Man Votes in Iran Friday While Wearing ‘God Bless America’ shirt

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