Links To Some Uplifting Posts (5-23-2016)

  The Letter a Nonverbal Teen on the Autism Spectrum Wrote to a Police Department The Perfect Kindness Opportunity  Female Biker Stops In Front Of The Saluting Marine To Pay A Beautiful Tribute Today’s feel-good story Judge Less, Compliment More Helping Others = Happiness. It’s Pretty Simple. Six Life Lessons I’ve Learned while Visiting the… More Links To Some Uplifting Posts (5-23-2016)

My Article Read (5-22-2016)

  Indiana’s oldest bar goes smoke-free after 181 years Captain Kirk Receives Letter From William Shatner Facebook, Mommy Bloggers, and Dependence on Tech… Quitting Time: It’s Time to Start Destroying Our Rotten Progressive-Dominated Institutions By General Strikes and Ruthless Abandonment How to Wake People Up Without Being an A-hole Glenn Beck Calls Facebook Whistleblowers Liars… More My Article Read (5-22-2016)