My Article Read (4-21-2014) (4-22-2014)




  1. Kroger Fires Manager for Stopping Knife Wielding Shoplifter

  2. Alabama Supreme Court Ruling Could End Legal Abortion in America

  3. The Bundy Paradigm: Will You Be a Rebel, Revolutionary or a Slave?

  4. Facebook Pulls “Everytown for Gun Safety” Page after Pro-Gunners Grabbed It before Bloomberg

  5. “Monster” Michelle Obama terrorizes White House staff

  6. Lone Dem Admits Obamacare Will Hurt Democrat Party

  7. Galveston Police Brutalize Wedding Party; Get Away With It

  8. White House releases bizarre Obama Easter bunny photo, fun Twitter pics follow

  9. MSNBC host tells Kansas parents to shut up over Michelle Obama’s graduation speech

  10. And here we thought billionaires spending their money trying to influence public policy was “un-American”

  11. Obama Blasphemes Islam on Easter Weekend

  12. April 22: “Earth Day” 2014…

  13. It’s Tuesday…

  14. The Secret Bloody History Of “Earth Day”

  15. #Obamacare: more proof that liberals don’t “get” economics

  16. #IRS revokes tax-free status of conservative group

  17. Be Prepared

  18. Ain’t That A Pip!

  19. Almost Back To Normal


  21. Warning: I will now go about offending the Religious…

  22. Jesus of Nazareth, Enemy of the State, Executed for Treason

  23. Not For Your Record Books!

  24. A New Doorway

  25. Your Past and Your Future

  26. Chuck Pierce Prophesies ‘Dragons Are On the Move’

  27. As You Go, Make Disciples. . .

  28. The Pursuit of Happiness and Our Search for Meaning as Disciples

  29. You Won’t Believe the Song the 9-year Old Sang That Made His Abductor Release His Terrified Kidnap Victim

  30. How God Confounded Terrorists and Worked a Miracle at Christian Day Care Center

  31. Muslim Woman Facing Death Calls Out to Jesus and then the Miracle Happened..

  32. US Military is Not Backing Away from National Day of Prayer Despite Urging by Group to Withdraw

  33. Abortion Survivor Wows Dublin Crowd with Testimony of Forgiveness and the Value of a Human Life

  34. Vision Warning to those in the USA

  35. Will YOU come out of your BOX for GOD?

  36. A Word For Someone!

  37. Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation, Part 6: Thief on the Cross

  38. Need Some Good News?

  39. 3 Incredible Examples of Unconditional Love

  40. A Government Against the People

  41. This is very stupid.

  42. How NOT to win friends and influence people…. I would double down…never agree to anything he comes up with for the rest of his term. INSULT IS AS INSULT DOES.

  43. I guess when you lie all the time people stop listening

  44. Lets do it for the children

  45. How electing David Cunliffe will improve upon NZ’s socialist condition

  46. The Rule of Law is in trouble in N.Z.

  47. ‘The rise of the new authoritarians’

  48. The two lefty wimmin dissent..

  49. ANZAC under attack

  50. Roseanne Barr Responds To Zimmerman Lawsuit: “Yeah,… So?”

  51. Stormtroopers

  52. NBC Hires Shrinks To Figure Out Why David Gregory Audience Doesn’t Like Him Any More….

  53. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  54. Lesbian Columnist Attempts To Convince America Barack Obama Is Not A Girly Man…

  55. ‘Disturbing new evidence’: Bundy’s tell Greta what they discovered Feds doing