Lingering Whispers Of Hope (7-23-2014)


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The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference-The Gaither Vocal Band


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2 Chronicles 28

Colossians 3


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Fifty Shades Of Grace-Clayton Jennings


Journal Entry

If Jesus Walked The Earth Today, Would He Be Considered A Troublemaker, A Radical, And An Activist?

My answer would be yes. We are living in a time we have leaders that are like the Roman leaders. We do have leaders in our churches that act like the Pharisees. As a matter of fact we have citizens that want good people’s blood or hurt them. Having these people in mind, they would think Jesus a radical, a troublemaker, and an activist.

Just think they hear of this dude doing miracles, healing people. Which would save the average person and poor person money on hospital bills. I believe these people that came up with universal healthcare would be tick off. This dude Jesus is healing people and they are losing money in the process. They would consider Jesus an enemy, who does radical magic.

Can you image Jesus walking in a church, looking the pastor sternly in the eye. Jesus knowing this pastor was leading His people astray and stealing their money. Can you imagine Jesus tearing this church apart like he did the moneychangers in front of His Father’s temple, telling the preacher to make restitution to his congregation. Jesus would probably call the pastor a viper and give him some “woes” to boot too. The pastor staring at Jesus with hate, thinking this troublemaker is ruining his business.

Can’t forget the country leaders. There are some leaders that would look at Jesus as a crowd stealer, their crowd. There are 5,000 people  or more congregating around Jesus, learning the right way to go, not this dictatorial leaders way. Imagine the look on this dictatorial leaders face as he sees this dude Jesus feeding the whole thousands of people too with a small basket of fish and bread. This would not be a happy leader. His citizens aren’t begging him for food. They aren’t learning to submit to his will. This leader would think Jesus as a radical stealer of his show, which should be dealt with.

Imagine Jesus walking around casting out the liberal demon in people besides others kind of demons. These liberal demon possess people aren’t mindless anymore. Their catching on to what the extreme Liberals are doing. Liberals are hating Jesus, considering Him a troublemaking activist. They would want Jesus’ hide.

Yeah, Jesus would be consider a troublemaker, a radical, and activist in my point of view even though He was out doing His Father’s work. What do think about this question I poise in the title of this post?

What are your thoughts about this?

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