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Distraction 101-Is Love Dead?/Dustin


Uplifting Tuesday-BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse)


I wanted to start doing uplifting posts. Posts that will put a smile on one’s face. This is one of my uplifting projects. Hope you enjoy these sweetheart bikers.

I want to add BACA has chapters besides in most 50 states in the United States, their in Australia, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, FranceGermany.

“These Bikers will bless you as you learn of their Quest to free Children in Need. Nothing gets in the way of supporting these children, short and long term. Their efforts empower children to do what they need for justice.” from uplifting.com

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It Is Disheartening To Me (Reposted)


It is disheartening to me to see two reverends go out to an incident as in the case Zimmerman and Martin and call the incident racist. Not everything is about race. They get people stir up when the truth comes out they don’t apologize to the people they upset when they are wrong. Their suppose be men of God, their suppose to apologize admit their sin but they didn’t. They kept saying they were right. Peoples lives are ruined because of this and they won’t apologize for the wrong they did. How can they say their men of God with a straight face?

It also disheartening to me to see a pastor cheat on his wife. He lies about the immoral relationship and say we’re just friends. The truth comes out about his relationship with a mistress. He doesn’t repent of his sin. He stay up in the pulpit like nothing happened. What is he showing his congregation? What is he showing nonbelievers? Won’t it have been wise for him to admit he did wrong and to step down for a time to get himself right with God? I would of thought better of him if he done that.

It disheartening to me to see a pastor say he is for abortion. Is a “God loving” Pastor suppose to be “Thou shall not kill” kind of pastor? Isn’t he suppose to be for life? Why is he taking the stand with the crowd of evil doers? Doesn’t he know he is leading his congregation astray? Doesn’t he know God will hold him accountable for causing his children to stumble? God told his leaders to lead his children into doing right. Not lead them to wolves.

It is disheartening to me to see a reverend say “God damn America.” I can’t help but look at him in a “are you stupid” manner and expecting lightning to hit him at the same time. I know in my heart we have gone astray but doesn’t mean we need to be damned, just prayed for.

It disheartening to me to see a father of a church molest a child and other fathers of this same church cover it up. It makes me ask how could they stick up for wrong. Wouldn’t it of been wise for them to let the man that did molesting be punished for his crime? Who knows the person that did the molesting would come back to God?

It disheartening to me to see a rabbi having an affair, decide he wants his mistress more than his wife. He wants to keep everything he has also and not give anything to the wife in a divorce so he decides to kill his wife. He develops a plan to kill his wife to where he wouldn’t get caught by police. He makes mistake in leaving evidence at the scene of crime. He gets arrested by police. All through the trial he arrogantly denies he killed his wife. He is innocent, he says. Knowing full well in his heart he not. He commit one sin that lead to another. Even in prison, he won’t confess his sins he did. Was his heart with God? When is he going to take his punishment like a man, admit he did wrong, and get right with God?

I can’t help but think if someone said to these leaders of the church your doing wrong, you need to get right with God? Would it of changed things? I don’t know. I like to think it would in some cases. One or two could of gone back on the right direction. I would also like to think if they didn’t turn back, someone would have guts to expose them. I would like to think I had the guts to do this. Thanks for listening to me.

Breaker-Jose Palos


A Shadow Of A Doubt-Joe Solomon


Lingering Whispers Of Hope (9-30-2014)


While Praying


Scripture For Today

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.  John 15:7


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Psalms 112-4Him


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Job 28

Revelation 12


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We Are At War-Tamika Murphy


Journal Entry

I wrote this pray last year and it is one that still needs to be prayed in the present. Basically because of this verse “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14” America we need to be doing some repenting because we’re doing evil in God’s eyes.

Dear God, our Congress and Senate leaders are doing wrong. They tell us they will stand up for what is right then cave and do what is wrong. They won’t repeal a big tax bill. They don’t care it hurts the people. They make laws to watch people and scheme to do them harm. When one sticks up for the people, the oppose use their sword of a tongue to cut them down with cruel words. They won’t impeach a president that covers up scandal for his administration and self. They won’t take down an Attorney General, who lies and gun runs. Each day they let the president take more of the people’s rights away or they do it. Dear God, they sure act like their doing something for the American people when evidence shows their doing nothing. Dear God, I don’t think they care about us.

Dear God, our president is doing wrong. He says he is a Christian yet he sticks up more for Muslims than Christians. He doesn’t protect our unborn. He believes babies are a punishment not a blessing. Dear God, I don’t believe he cares for the American people. He tramples on our rights. He acts like the Pharisees adding more laws to burden the people. He picks so called child molester as Czar of education. He let’s his Department of Health make mandates that go against the people’s conscience. Dear God, I really don’t think he knows right from wrong. He lies about what happen in Benghazi and he covers up for gun running. Dear God, I think he courts treason. Dear God, he thinks we cling too much to You and our guns. He doesn’t understand our beliefs come from You, not just our founding fathers.

Dear God, our Mainstream Media is doing wrong. They lie and twist words to protect their beloved president. Their beloved president treats them like dogs. Yet, they come panting for more abuse. They didn’t mention the voter fraud in their news if they did it was to side with the person doing the fraud. They don’t care that the President might of won the election by crook. They don’t pay attention to Benghazi or Fast and Furious. Dear God, they call evil good and good evil. They sided with rapists. They call American people names that doesn’t think like they do. Yet, they expect us to watch them after that. Dear God, they really got their priorities wrong. Their news isn’t fair and objective. They sided with radical Islam. They didn’t even mention the beheading of two Christians by one. If they did it was low key.

Dear God, we have pastors doing wrong. Some have cheated on their spouses but stand at pulpit like a peacock thinking they did nothing wrong. They didn’t do the right thing and step down for a time to get themselves right with You, their spouses, and take their punishment like a man. Dear God didn’t they consider the outside people looking in and thinking them a hypocrite. Why should they come to church when some of the church leaders do this? Dear God, we have some reverends that preach the race card to cause an unwarranted disaster. They act like they don’t care who gets hurt, they just want to spread hate. We have some that want You to damn America. Dear God, there are some that cover up for a child molester. They keep it hush hush. They don’t shun the molester but transfer him some place else. Another family gets hurt by the molester They should of done right and turned him in. The molester might of turn from his ways instead of feeling encouraged to do his molesting some place else. The church looks like a do nothing right church. Dear God, there are church leaders that are leading your people astray. They preach a different gospel and don’t teach Jesus died on the cross for us. Your people are lead astray. Isn’t any wonder God some have no respect for the church. There are some Christians out there that tell us not to make waves. You might start conflict. Didn’t they read the Bible, God? The prophets were told to go out by You to let people know they were doing evil and give prophesy against the evildoers that does not change. John The Baptist let Herod know he was doing wrong towards his brother’s wife. Daniel stood up for his belief and sent to the lion’s den. Jesus let the Pharisees know they were doing wrong in Your eyes. Paul teaches us to exposed the evildoer to kick them out if they don’t change. Why aren’t all Christians speaking up about this?

Dear God, I ask you to have mercy on us. We are doing wrong. Teach us your ways and helps us to restore our country, our government, our media, our church, heal our land. We can’t do it without you. We need leaders that will love their people like You love us. We need leaders that will lay their life for their people like Jesus. No greater love have he than one who lays his life for another. We need leaders that will stand up for their people like You do. Dear God, we need courageous leaders not spineless zombies. Dear God, give us leaders that won’t purposely put our kids, our grandkids, and our great grandkids in debt. Give us leaders, who will love their fellow Americans and will do us right. Dear God, have mercy and help us.

My Article Read (9-29-2014)


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